How SUGA of BTS Was Discovered?

It’s not hard to guess how SUGA was discovered. His rapping skills were so impressive that he was invited to participate in a rap competition hosted by BIGHIT MUSIC. After taking second place, won the hearts of many viewers. Soon after, he was recruited as a trainee. At first, he joked that he wanted to be a producer, but then he met Bang Shi-hyuk and was lured into joining BTS. He was reassured that he would not have to dance and that he would be able to work on his rap skills. Here is the full information below:

Who is SUGA?

Suga, is the stage name of . Why Min Yoon-gi choose Suga? SUGA is short for shooting guard, a basketball position that Min Yoon-gi played. That is the reason.

Suga, from Daegu, South Korea,was a 17-year-old boy, who interested in rap from a very young age. He performed as a rapper and producer in high school under the name “Gloss” against his parents.

Not only his rapping that was getting attention,but also his composing beats skills. He started produced tracks for band “D-TOWN“(the local artists in his hometown of Daegu), and then for bigger underground names such as Reflow , helping worked with Suga’s famous song called “Who am I.

How SUGA first met Entertainment?

Min Yoon-gi had seen a flyer promoting a rap competition / audition called “Hit It,” and felt that it was a good fit for him. He Wanted to take his music to the next level, so he auditioned it.

It was a pity that Suga didn’t win the competition, but ended up getting 2nd place, which was enough for Big Hit Entertainment to sign him as a producer or trainee, not as an idol. Bang Si-Hyuk promised for Min Yoon-gi was that he would only have to focus on rapping, which didn’t have to dance or wear makeup…but eventually broke. Though he wanted to be just a producer, Suga was convinced to join BTS in 2010 and became one of the hip-hop group’s rappers, the second member. (Suga sometimes joked that founder Bang Shi Hyuk “tricked” him into becoming a BTS member.)

bts rapper suga

When he was a trainee

When he was a trainee, he was one of the four members of BTS (along with Ji-min, Jeong-kook, and ) and often danced in GLAM’s live show glamour and hologram artist SeeU’s stage shows. He also made a brief cameo in Jo Kwon’s music video for “I’m Da One”.

Listed Suga’s birthday and aged as of October 2022

Birthday: March 9, 1993

Age: 29

That’s how SUGA was Discovered and joined the big familiy BTS!!And who is the next? J-hope. Feel free to contact us for more information. Email To/ hhhhh.

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