How RM of BTS Was Discovered?

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BTS’s 7 Members are ,Jin,Jimin,Suga,J-Hope,Jungkook & V. Here’s when and how RM join BTS by Bit Hit Entertainment.


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RM, the full name is Kim Nam-joon, was the first member and leader of BTS. He fell in love with rapping in the 6th grade after listening to Epik High’s “Fly” and began his rap life.

RM in Middle School

In 2007, RM started rapping under the name , which led him to the rap groups such as Daenamhyup and Zico. While, the Daenamhyup also consisted of now-known stars like Top Dogg’s KIDOH, Entertainment producer Supreme Boi and Show Me the Money 3 finalist Iron. During this time, Kim Namjoon released several rap solos when he still in middle school. His rap solo went viral and he was called a rap prodigy. As his rapping skills improved, RM became more active in the underground scene. He released more songs and collaborated with other underground artists such as BLOCK B’s Zico(his name at the time was “Nakseo”).

When RM Join Bit Hit Music

Join when 2010.

Kim Nam-joon auditioned for a Hip Hop agency when he was 15, but fail by forgeting the lyrics. One of the judges, the Untouchable’s , who was a Korean rapper, suggested he try a small K-pop entertainment company called Big Hit entertainment. Sleepy knew Bang Si-hyeok and said a nice word for Kim by seeing his potential. He was 16 when Kim Nam-joon auditioned. He finally auditioned in front of Bong Si-hyuk. This time, however, Mr. Kim did not forget the lyrics, and Mr. Bang was impressed. He was so blown away by Kim’s rapping skills that he saved his phone number and passed it on to producer Bang Shi Hyuk. Kim became the first member of BTS in 2010.

Why Kim Nam-joon Call RM?

After that,Kim Nam-joon chose his stage name as RM (The Rap Monster), and became part of a six-member hip-hop group. However, five of the six members eventually left, leaving only RM. In 2010, Bang decided to form a group around RM and became the first member and leader of a K-pop boy band later known as the Bangtan Boys, BTS. In addition, Bonscher decided to leave his all-Hip Hop group and decided to create a more balanced Kpop group that incorporated a lot of Hip Hop. Now Mr. Bong has to find other members.

RM in High School

RM, when he was in high school, was a typical “nerd” who focused on studying and kept up good grades, but also kept up his passion for hip hop! RM ranked in the top 1.3 percent of the nation in the first year of high school in language, math, foreign language and social studies exams. Moreover, he mastered English when he was in middle school. This was revealed by RM himself when BTS appeared on The Beatles Code in 2014.

Listed RM’s birthday and aged as of October 2022

RM Birthday: September 12, 1994

Age: 27

That’s how RM was discovered and began the big familiy BTS! And who is the next? Suga. Feel free to contact us for more information. Email To/ hhhhh.

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