How Jungkook of BTS Was Discovered?

bts Jungkook

, the full name is Jeon Jeongguk, is a singer of the boy band BTS. He is also the youngest member of BTS, making him the “golden Maknae” of BTS. Jeon Jung-kook is the core of the group and his hometown is in Busan, Korea.

Jungkook was discovered through Superstar K

Jeon Jeongguk, whose nickname was Kookie at that time, knew he would be a Kpop idol one day after watching G-Dragon and his idol perform Heartbreaker on TV. When he was 14, he auditioned for the third season of the South Korean talent show Superstar K.

Although he was eliminated in the audition, recruiters at various agencies saw something special in him.

The fourteen year old Jungkook

Jungkook was scouted by seven different entertainment companies. Among them are JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Woolim Entertainment. Of all the agencies, Entertainment was a smaller company at that time.

So why did Jeon Jeongguk choose Big Hit Entertainment?

Because he was so impressed with and his rapping skills. He thought RM was one of the most incredible people he had ever met. He wants to be in the same company as RM and train with him. Eventually he became a Big Hit trainee.

During his days as a trainee, Jungkook was often seen doing back-dancing for artists from Big Hit Entertainment. He has participated in live performances of GLAM’s “Glamorous” and Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One”.

His stage name is kept simple by sticking with his name Jungkook. Now the group has five members, one of whom is a real vocalist. The group needs more singers.

Listed Jungkook’s birthday and aged as of October 2022

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Age: 24

That’s how Jungkook was Discovered and joined the big familiy BTS!!And who is the next? V. Feel free to contact us for more information.  Email To/ hhhhh.

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