How Jin of BTS Was Discovered?

bts jin high school

, the full name is , was the fourth member of BTS.

Jin Joined Bit Hit for Destiny

Jin, from Anyang, South Korea, was first scouted by SM Entertainment on the streets, but he did not contact the company by doubting it was a scam. However, if he did return SM Entertainment’s calls, he would end up being a member of EXO!

The second time he was street-casted again by entertainment, when he was a college student and was thrown off his car in the street. A star scout from Big Hit saw it and went over to convince him to audition for the company.

Jin Pratice Hard to Be A Singer and Dancer

Jin had no previous singing or dancing experience. He was a drama major and had the most handsome face in the world. This made him want to be an actor especially, and he joined the cast of Bit Hit Entertainment to audition. However, Big Hit convinced him to try to become the lead singer of a new group created by the company. Although Kim Seok-jin never wanted to be an idol, he did well with his efforts and training.

Kim Seok-Jin uses only “Jin” as his stage name. During his days as a trainee, he was spotted as a butler/bodyguard in Jo Kwon‘s “I’m Da One” music video. He soon learned to dance and sing. It is said that Kim’s became the singer he is today through hard work and practice.

By that, Kim Seok-jin became the fourth member of BTS.

Listed Jin’s birthday and aged as of October 2022

Birthday: December 4, 1992

Age: 29

That’s how Jin was Discovered and joined the big familiy BTS!!And who is the next? Jungkook. Feel free to contact us for more information.  Email To/ hhhhh.

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