How Jimin of BTS Was Discovered?

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, whose full name is Park Jimin(Ji-min), was the final member of BTS. Park Jimin is originally from Busan, Korea. He attended the Busan Arts High School of Arts and was a top student in the dance department.

Jimin Thanks to His Teacher

was a great dancer since childhood. He studied contemporary dance at school. He was the top student in the whole modern dance department. In summer of 2012, Entertainment was conducting auditions in Busan. His dance teacher was impressed with the talent and encouraged him to audition for Big Hit Entertainment. For the final members, Bang Si-Hyuk hoped to find one that brings all the members together. Park passed the audition and was flown to Seoul to become a trainee. He was 16 years old then.

During his trainee days, Jimin was often seen back-dancing in GLAM‘s “Glamorous” performances. He also made a brief cameo in GLAM‘s “Party (XXO)” music video.

Park Ji-min chose his stage name Jimin. As the last member of the band, Jimin’s training was the shortest in the band. He officially debuted with other members of BTS in 2013.

Listed Jimin’s birthday and aged as of October 2022

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Age: 26

That’s how Jimin was Discovered and joined the big familiy BTS!!And who is the next? Maybe another band… Feel free to contact us for more information.  Email To/ hhhhh.

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