How Rosé of BlackPink Was Discovered?

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,whose full name is (Roseanne Chae-young Park),born on February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. And Raised in Australia.

Rosé was the #4 member of BLACKPINK. Rosé is good at singing, writing songs and musical instruments.

childhood rose

Rosé’s father played a huge role in Rosé’s debut. When he heard about the 2012 Entertainment auditions in Australia, he booked a flight on Rosé to the venue where the auditions would be held.

“I used to live in Australia. It was a rural neighborhood, rather than a metropolis. So I stayed home playing the piano or the guitar and singing. My dad noticed that I like music, so he took me to audition. Before I auditioned, music had been a hobby, but once I came to Korea and realized where I stand in terms of skills, I became more passionate and competitive about it.” — Rosé

After passing the audition with the top score, she signed on as a trainee with the agency in May 2012. Rosé later mentioned on a livestream that the competition for the audition was fierce, 700 to 1.

In May 2012, she became a trainee of BLACKPINK, which is the shortest training period of BLACKPINK. Rosé is fluent in English and learned Korean after moving to South Korea for a trainee program. As a trainee, she participated in G-Dragon‘s song “Without You“. But her name was not announced at the time of the album’s release, so she remained unknown. Now, Rosé is considered BLACKPINK’s main vocalist.


미안해 멤버들 생각보다 어렵넹 크힣

♬ Jiggle Jiggle – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

She became a trainee in May 2012 and had the shortest training period in BLACKPINK. As a trainee, she was featured on G-Dragon’s song, “Without You.” Her name was not revealed at the time of the album’s release, so she remained unknown. During promotional appearances for the album, Rosé impressed fans (and Shakira herself) with her impressive rendition of the song “Waka Waka“. Now, Rosé is regarded as BLACKPINK’s main vocalist. Fans love her unique voice, which brings a different vibe to BLACKPINK!

That’s how Rosé was Discovered and joined the familiy BlackPink!! And who is the next? Maybe another band…. Feel free to contact us for more information.  Email To/ hhhhh.

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