How Jisoo of BlackPink Was Discovered?

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, whose full name is , born in January 3, 1995.

Jisoo is the lead vocals of BLACKPINK. In her childhood, all her family loved singing. When jiisoo dances and sings in front of them at family gatherings, jiisoo’s family will praise her. This gave Jisoo the desire to perform in front of more people, which prompted her to start auditioning.

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When she auditioned for Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk paid attention to her, but noticed the ring on her finger and worried about whether she was dating or not. Because the company had a strict no-dating policy. With his potential and good looks, Jisoo became a trainee at YG Entertainment in July 2011. In an episode of Radio Star, Jisoo mentioned that when she was a trainee, she was scouted by a casting agent for SM Entertainment at a YG Entertainment concert. She had to turn down the offer because she was already signed to YG Entertainment. But it certainly tells her that Jisoo definitely has the looks of a potential K-pop star.

In addition to her K-pop career, Jisoo is also an established actress. Before her debut, she appeared in commercials for brands such as Samsonite, LG Electronics and Nikon, as well as in the Korean TV drama “The Producers.” She has also appeared in music videos for K-pop stars such as Epik High and HI SUHYUN.

Jisoo had been a trainee for five years

jisoo is the third member of blackpink

Yang Hyun Suk posted a photo of Jisoo in May 2012 with an unsigned caption, “Who is that girl?”. He suggested she was a trainee in the upcoming “new girl group”, which he first mentioned in 2010. In January 2013, YG Entertainment confirmed Jisoo as an official member of the new girl group.

She worked as a trainee for five years before the group debuted in August 2016, appearing in a number of TV commercials, music videos and even a South Korean drama. To this, fans joked: “Jisoo has experience in everything except his debut.” While receiving training from YG Entertainment, Jisoo has also promoted mobile games, luggage, smartphones, school uniforms, Nikon cameras and more as a brand model.

She has also appeared in music videos for Epik High and HI SUHYUN. She guest-starred with Sandara Park and IU in popular Korean drama producers.

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BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, 2016, and fans immediately fell in love with Jisoo because of her talent and visual. Upon their debut, Jisoo and the other three members received multiple commercial offers.

Kim Ji-soo is often called “adorable” by BLINKs (the official name for Blackpink fans). She is known for her stability and poise, and can balance any object on her head or shoulders. Previous videos have shown her wearing cups or prizes on her head. During a 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Gisso impressed the host with her poised calm. Before “Blackpink,” he appeared in commercials and was recently announced to star in the TV series “Snowflake.” Although she is the only member who does not speak fluent English, she speaks Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

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That’s how Jisoo was Discovered and joined the familiy BlackPink!! And who is the next? Rosé. Feel free to contact us for more information.  Email To/ hhhhh.

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